"Start your engines!" "On your mark." "Prepare for blast off."  All phrases that portend something big and important is about to happen.  So it is true with our new Ignition Program.

Designed to align all member practices with the ability to fully implement a medical model practice, the Association has created a bundled starter package that includes:

12 month EHR use (RevolutionEHR)

12 month clearinghouse services for billing (Trizetto)

Credentialing for either Medicare or Medicaid 

All of this, an over $8000 value, for the low cost of $1450.  This is a true member benefit. Put your practice in the position to take advantage of all of the Energeyes benefits. 

Become a member first...

and then...

Questions and Answers:

Q: What happens at the end of the 12 month period?

A: You can stop all service or continue at the published prices for each product under our Energeyes Agreement.  Please ask Michael for a copy of the discount program with each vendor.

Q: I already am credentialed with Medicare and Medicaid.  Can i get crednetialed with another payer?

A: Under this program, no.  We have only purchase the credentialing for these two major payers.  However, we do have outsourced crdentialing services through OBC and would be happy to send you information about this program.